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TMJ Migraine Pain Treatment

TMJ Treatment Appliance Pain Cure

TMJ Orthopedic Appliance

The basis of our treatment consists of neuromuscular therapy to help decompress stressed tissue areas and regain equilibrium. Most patients with jaw joint compression problems (damage to the disc and surrounding joint tissues) require immediate lower jaw repositioning with appliances that help to decompress the joint area in order to allow healing.

Most people do not realize that each and every one of us use our jaws more than 5,000 times a day to talk, eat, and swallow. This repetitive frequency can cause severe damage to someone who has joint damage. Once we are able to reposition the jaw into a "healing" position we can begin to notice reduction in pain. This initial treatment phase is accomplished by using various orthopedic appliances.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach

Sometimes our patients come to our office with chronic pain problems. These patients often require more extensive treatments. We like to work closely with local therapists and physicians to be able to help our patients maximize their insurance benefits and receive the best possible treatments from the leading experts in our area.

Biofeedback and Ultrasound TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment equipment One of our most succesful in-office treatment programs employs the use of Computer Modulated Biofeedback Equipment. Patients with chronic pain problems usually have an unbalanced nervous system.

Our Acuscope, Myopulse, and Ultrasound units help these type of patients by re-balancing the nervous system and returning the patient to a state of "equilibrium." This helps us to be able to get on a quicker path of healing.

Regular treatment with Ultrasound and Myopulse helps many of our patients recover quickly from sore, tight muscles.

Chronic Pain + Sleep Apnea

At our office we have found that many of our chronic pain patients have Sleep Apnea problems. We evaluate all of our patients for signs and symptoms of sleep disturbances. If we suspect problems, we work closely with local sleep labs to make sure that the proper diagnosis is made.

TMJ Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea is a "silent" cause of many health problems. We know how to help our patients with these problems and we work with our team of physicians to give our patients the best possible alternatives.

Chronic Pain + Orthodontic Reconstruction

For more advanced treatment methods: orthodontics or crowns and bridges may be required. We perform everything from braces to implants, crowns and bridges.
My 14 years of dental experience is the key ingredient needed when a patient's jaw must be permanently repositioned into proper alignment by means of any dental method. Successful head pain relief can only be accomplished by a practitioner who is skilled at doing complex reconstruction involving orthodontics or prosthodontics

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