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The TMJ - Neuromuscular Examination

Initial TMJ Craniofacial Evaluation

The Head - Facial Pain Questionaire

The most important aspect of treating patients with headaches and facial pain problems is to perform a thorough initial examination. Our 8 page Head and Facial Pain Patient Questionnaire helps our patients to relate their problems to us, in writing.

We ask all of our patients to fill out this extensive health history form in the comfort of their homes before their appointment. This allows the patient ample time to review the history of their problem. We review and evaluate their forms in order to help us gather information about their complaints and past treatments.

Once this data is analyzed we complete a thorough head, neck, and shoulder examination. The basis of our neuromuscular diagnosis relies upon a complete analysis of muscle function, nerve function, postural analysis, occupational review, dental examination, and jaw to jaw relationships. This data is gathered, numerically, through careful clinical examination.

TMJ Xray Examination

TMJ Transcranial X-Rays

Our initial examination also consists of gathering appropriate data by using Transcranial X-Rays. These x-rays help us to determine abnormal jaw joint function by means of analyzing spacial relationships of how the lower jaw is positioned with respect to the skull bone.

Most patients with head pain will exhibit jaw joint compression which is diagnosed through the use of Transcranial X-rays. For patients with more severe problems, the use of MRIs or Tomograms may be necessary. However, we try to keep cost affordable for our patients, therefore we only refer patients for more extensive, expensive tests if we feel that it is absolutely necessary.

The most important aspect of our examination is to be able to clearly explain to each and every one of our patients what is causing their pain and how we can succesfully treat it.

TMJ Neuromuscular Headache Pain Education

TMJ Patient Education

We spend a lot of our time educating our patients, because we feel that our treatments are much more effective when our patients understand their problem and can take the appropriate steps toward recovery. We discuss everything from the cause of the problem to the cure.

We also cover important issues such as diet changes, work related problems, sleep apnea, exercise programs, and the coordination of our expert team of physicians who normally assist us with some of our treatment goals.

Many local physicians work closely with our office to help our patients achieve incredible pain relief in the shortest time possible. From ENT surgeons to chiropractors and physical therapists...we will coordinate necessary help.

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