TMJ Headache Treatment Michigan Doctor John Halmaghi   Case Study of successful treatment of 20 year history of severe migraine pain. Proper diagnosis leads to successful treatment plan incorporating split vertical orthodotics to restore jaw relationships normal jaw function normal bite
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Ten (10) Year Headache History

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This 28 year old, female presented to my office with complaints of migraines for over ten years. She had seen numerous area physicians for help. She had received countless catscans and MRIs. She had tried various medications. Nothing helped.

Proper Diagnosis via Transcranial Xray

Neuromusclular grinding TMJ Pain Photo Our diagnosis, made through transcranial x-rays, was quite simple. Patient suffered from an overbite situation as a result of poorly performed orthodontics at a younger age.

Her jaw joints were compressed due to the fact that her lower jaw was being "squeezed" too far into the skull bone. Although she exhibited no signs of joint or jaw dysfunction our analysis concluded a severe problem with her jaw function.

Realigning Jaw Relationship

Photo_split_vertical_orthodontics_tmj_treatment Split vertical orthodontics was performed to bring about a new jaw to jaw relationship and help to decompress the joints.

In the process, all migraines resolved and the patient returned to a normal life.

TMJ Treatment Outcome

In the patient's words:
"I visited so many other doctors, that I can't believe it's a dentist who cured my problem. I had forgotten what it's like to live without head pain. I also got the straight teeth that my old orthodontist was never able to do for me."

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