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Comprehensive TMJ Headache Evaluation

Midwest and Michigan Area

Michigan Headache TMJ Doctor This website has been designed to be as informational and helpful as possible. We receive dozens of inquiries every week for specific answers to individual problems from people in our practice area and also outside of our practice area.

Doing your own Research

We are unable to respond to every question due to the need for performing thorough examinations. For our midwestern and nationwide readers, we can offer the following advice:

1. Visit the AACFP.ORG website. This organization has a list of specialists who treat patients with problems involving TMJ, Headaches, Facial Pain, etc. You may be able to locate a specialist close to your home that can answer your questions.
2. Visit the AAFO.ORG website. This organization also has a list of some specialists who deal with head pain problems. Try to find at least three specialists in your area that belong to both of these organizations.
3. Interview the doctors that you find. The most important aspect of successful treatment is a proper diagnosis. An in-depth examination must include detailed patient examination forms, as well as some of the following diagnostic methods:
   a. Transcranial X-Rays, Cephalometric X-Rays, MRIs, CatScans, or Tomograms. A skilled specialist must use one, or all of the above, for adequate diagnosis of your problems.
   b. Complete Orthodontic Examination, including Sassouni Plus Tracing, that is used to analyze the jaw to jaw relationships. Proper treatment of facial pain problems involves repositioning the jaws into better alignment with each other. Proper diagnosis, using orthodontic measurements, must be made before any such treatment is proposed.
   c. The specialist you find must be skilled at functional orthodontics, as well as prosthodontics. He/she must be able to align your teeth and jaws using either braces, appliances, or crowns/bridges/implants. This requires an immense amount of skill and knowledge.
   d. Your future specialist must also work closely with a team of doctors, including ENTs, neurologists, physical medicine, therapists, chiropractors, etc. for optimal care.
   e. We also recommend finding an ENT specialist, who should evaluate your airway, sinuses, ears, etc. This specialist should also work closely with sleep lab in your area, in order to properly evaluate your sleep patterns.

Unsuccessful Treatment History

We receive many inquiries from patients who have had previous treatments for TMJ or Headaches. Usually, these inquiries include concerns about the fact that previous treatments, bite appliances and braces did not help their problem.

From our experience, treatments with medications (such as Imitrex, narcotics, pain relievers, and other agents) are usually not beneficial and can cause more long term problems. Some medications, such as Corgard, can be effective to a certain degree, but must be monitored carefully by your neurologist and cardiologist.

Although a complete neurological assessment is critical to proper diagnosis, most medical treatments aimed at curing head pain are not successful. It is somewhat hard to understand why physicians cannot help headache sufferers, and skepticism is not unusual for patients that do not understand how a dentist can cure headaches and facial pain.

If you have received previous bite appliance treatments and your pain has not subsided, then we would advise you to have a second opinion regarding the adequacy of your treatment. The majority of the appliances that we evaluate lack efficacy.

Some appliances can actually worsen your pain. That is why we advise all of our readers to find a skilled specialist who can properly diagnose pain and implement effective treatment. Likewise, a lot of orthodontic care can actually cause more pain, if not performed judiciously.

Our Guaranteed TMJ Evaluation Service

If you are unable to locate a specialist in your area and you would like a first, or second, opinion to your problem, you can gather your medical information and mail it to our office for review. Here are the steps that you must follow for this process:

1. Send us a self addressed Manila envelope with 4 regular mail stamps on it and send it to the address below. We will mail you a detailed patient health questionnaire that you must complete.

2. Get together all of your previous medical records, including all x-rays and lab results (include summaries and physician dictations)

3. We must receive ONE (any) or all of the following tests for proper evaluation:
   a. Transcranial x-rays
   b. Tomograms
   c. MRI's
Note: All of these tests must be specific for your TMJoints, and MUST be performed with your mouth closed and back teeth touching with medium to heavy biting pressure. Your family physician or ENT specialist can order a MRI without any problem. The other two tests may be harder to locate. Oral surgeons in your area may have tomogram or transcranial x-ray machines in their offices. We would prefer to receive a tomogram.
4. Study casts of your teeth with a wax bite record of your normal bite. Your dentist can do this for you for under $100.

5. Dental x-rays.

6. A physical medicine evaluation would also be valuable. A physical therapy report can substitute.

7. Any orthodontic records

8. Neurologic testing, preferably performed by a neurologist.

9. Do not submit letters or requests without gathering above information (steps 1-5 mandatory, steps 6-8 optional).

Submit a check in amount of $125 made payable to Michigan TMJ/Headache individual problem. Sorry, we cannot submit diagnosis or insurance Institute. You will receive a detailed opinion/evaluation of your billing.

TMJ Craniofacial Treatment Costs

Many readers also want to know the cost of treatment. Although it is impossible for us to quote any prices without proper diagnosis, we can tell you that prices for such treatments start at approximately $275 and can range into thousands of dollars. Some patients can benefit from a simple device, such as a NTI deprogrammer, while other patients require extensive reconstruction.

The average cost at our office is $950 for the first phase of treatment. We guarantee all of our patients will achieve at least 95% reduction in pain, or we will refund their money. We don't know of any other specialists who treat head pain problems that can be bold enough to make such promises!

Visit Dr. Halmaghi at his Migraine Headache Pain Clinic Today. Contact Dr. Halmaghi's staff at to obtain any additional information you may need for utilizing our evaluation service.

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