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Causes of Head Neck and Face Pain

Many things can cause headaches and facial pain, however from our experience and research we have determined that 95% of ALL headaches are caused by muscle tension. This tension can be related to stress, or an improper harmony of the jaws and muscles. Tension and/or imbalance can cause a constant strain on your head, jaws, face, and neck.

Remember: Strain = Pain....Pain = Headaches!

The Average Patient

The patients that we see at our office have exhausted their efforts in trying to find a cure for their problems. The link between tension, imbalance, strain, and pain can be explained by a phenomenon that we call: COMPRESSION!

You see, compression causes blood flow changes, and alters the electrochemical balance of the head, face, and neck. Changes in blood flow leads to improper pressure increases in smaller, adjoining arteries. This shift in blood flow also causes nerve and chemical disturbances and eventually - pain.

Patients with these compression type of problems can be people who:

  • Have lost some, or all of their teeth
  • May have had numerous dental work performed
  • Have worn down their teeth, due to grinding or clenching
  • Have suffered trauma, as a result of an accident
All of these various reasons can cause compression of the jaw joint and changes in blood flow. The reason is that the muscles overwork themselves in an effort to bring balance back to the area. They try to protect the damage being caused, unfortunately they cause more damage in the long term. Overworked muscles begin to tire out and eventually spasm. This causes the muscles to shorten and increase the compression. The patient begins to experience migraines and related facial pain.

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